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Our expertise

We deliver practical knowledge and enrich research, building an expert look at your brand and your market and keeping up to date on marketing and business trends.

20+ years

Average experience in each of our collaborators supports the results we offer to our clients. 


Pharmaceutical Industry / Healthcare

Market understanding projects, Patient Journey, Treatment Flow, U&A, ATU, Segmentation, Net Promoter Score, Satisfaction, Concept evaluation, Sensitivity and price elasticity.

Financial market

We are backed by a long history of support and advice for the development of traditional and digital solutions in banking, insurance and Afores sectors, both aimed at consumers and at the business level.


Mass consumption / Retail

From product development and innovation processes, lifestyle and purchasing processes. We carry out organoleptic tests, product placement, packaging evaluations, concept, store formats, loyalty and communication plans. Our experience in consumer and retail products is broad.



We have evaluated brand image and sales processes and even alternatives of study plans for Institutions of secondary and higher education. We have also helped these types of institutions to better understand the expectations of the labor market for their graduates.


Human Resources / Communication

Within the companies we have carried out projects to know in detail the aspects that influence the work environment, the factors that impact the motivation and expectations of the staff at different levels.

Society organizations

We have collaborated with public and private organizations to detect needs and opportunities for the development of social programs and the improvement of public services.

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