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Our expert team will help you solve different research needs. We focus on consumer behavior deep understanding and insights identification. We apply this knowledge to deliver clear and actionable information in order to help you developing successful marketing strategies.

  • Market Understanding

  • Lifestyle 

  • Uses and Habits (U&A)

  • Market and category mapping

  • Brand analysis (image and positioning)

  • Segmentation

  • Buyer Personas Development

  • Customer experience

  • Trend analysis

  • Product and concept evaluation

  • Communication evaluation

We offer a wide catalog of methodologies, through which we can design and conduct specific activities for your research needs. 

Online research


Online / virtual focus groups  and in depth interviews

Synchronous online activities (in real time) for an specific period of time (eg 1.5 hours) led by a moderator.

Online surveys

Research conducted online that involves a combination of closed and open-ended questions.

Bulletin board

Asynchronous online research conducted in different times through the day and week. A moderator-led discussion, lasting 3-6 days.

MROC (Online Communities)

Carried out over a longer period, to collect longitudinal information. Participants can perform different tasks and share experiences.

Digital ethnography

Combination of real-time interviews / groups and multimedia asynchronous activities, which allow us to delve into the participant's lifestyle and way of thinking.


Face-to-face research


In-depth interviews and Focus Groups

Quantitative studies


Domestic ethnographies / Immersions

Shopping trips


Multi-site observations

Public ethnographies

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